November Offer!

Don’t miss out, half price on your first month of membership this November only! call 01278 727990 to claim this offer!

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Week Day Opening Hours

New week day opening time! We are trialing opening at 5.30 am as of Monday 12th November. We will monitor use for a 2 week period to establish demand.

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Free Body Composition Testing!

Did you know as a member of Trimwise health and fitness you get free body composition testing! Great for some motivation, goal setting and to get you going, or done monthly to keep tabs on your progress! The bodystat allows you to keep track of three key markers of body composition, muscle, fat and water! […]

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wod 12.08.18

Workout of the day! 12/08/2018

Get warmed up with this workout of the day! 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 (Calories/Reps) Rower (Calories) Push Press (Reps) Kettlebell Swings (Reps) This circuit is guaranteed to get you working hard! Grab an instructor if you need any help!

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Think Green

As of the 1st of june 2018, we will no longer be providing plastic cups, bottles of water will still be available from the fridge for 60p and re-usable bottles will be available for purchase, water coolers will remain in place. Saving the planet one step at a time. 🌏😃 Also, from June 2018, we […]

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New Products!

Moose Juice Great for giving you a boost before your workout! The large cans are £2 and small cans are £1.20 High caffeine, loaded with BCAA’s and B Vitamins, no aspartame and best of all, low calories at only 3kcal per 100ml! ______________________________ Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Only £25 per tub, containing 30 servings! Choose from […]

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Time 4 Whey Protein

All new lemon meringue flavour, perfect for your post workout nutrition! Offering 25.5g of protein per scoop and full of BCAA’s! 70 Servings per 2.52kg bag for only £40! Also, we have the Time-4 new vanilla cola intra-workout in stock, £1 per serving, great for those tough workouts. If you would like anymore information on […]

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wod 13.05.18

Workout of the day 13/05/2018

This weeks workout of the day is a tough circuit written by @mike_parkerpt guaranteed to get you working hard! 21-15-12-9 (Calories/Reps) Rower (Calories) Burpees Barbell Push Press Kettlebell Swings Grab an instructor if you need any help! Complete the workout for time! Come and give it a try!

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wod 29.04.18

Workout of the day! 29/04/2018

Need a tough workout?! Why not come and try the work out of the day , pushing you to your limits and testing your endurance 😉🤙🏼💪🏼 2rounds Ramp sprintsx4 Mountain climbersx2 Power punches +shoulder press 1 min x3  Weighted squats + jumpingx2 Finisher Rower 500m/250m/100m /100m #trimwise #trimwisefitness#everyoneiswelcome #training #stayfit

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Barebell Protein Puddings Buy 2 get 1 FREE!

When you buy two Barebell protein puddings, get one completely free, this offer is only while stock lasts!

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