Trimwise ….The #1Gym in Bridgwater

Welcome to Trimwise

At Trimwise we understand this is just the start of your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle and the journey may even have a few ups and downs. We don’t even need you to love exercise (just the benefits it brings). This is Our Passion and not only are we passionate about helping you change your lifestyle, but have the passion and commitment to help you stay committed.

Your Body, Your Choice

We all want to look our very best, feel better, age slower, live longer and have more energy to take on daily rigours. We want the ideal weight, a toned and symmetrical shape, we want to be more relaxed, sleep better and have less daily stresses. …Simply because we get comfortable doing what we always have done and for many changing our weekly routines to include some exercise is just too much of a change. When we consider that there are 168 hours in a week and all it takes is two half hours of exercise to begin making a difference, is there really an excuse?

Our Passion

At Trimwise, unlike most health clubs, we won’t just be giving you an induction. You will benefit from your very own trainer for a series of professional personal training sessions and one of our Guaranteed Results Programmes. Don’t be surprised if your personal trainer is more passionate about helping you look and feel the way you want, than maybe you are!