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USN Supplements
BSX Bodyshox
Time4 Nutrition Sold per shake or tubs/bags
Protein Bars
Ready to Drink Bottles
Pre Work Out, Post Workout, Shakers, Jugs
Wrist Wraps and Straps

Personal Training
When you join us at Trimwise Health & Fitness, we aim to help you achieve your fitness goals. We help you do this by offering a Body Stat Analysis, Personalised Training Programs & Instructor Guidance as part of your membership.

Additionally, we have a great Personal Training Package to give you an extra push! 1-1 structured sessions with our highly qualified Instructors will help you achieve your goals quickly whilst having fun & being challenged. Each session your trainer will motivate, educate & guide you through your training. As well as working hard in your sessions we want you to fuel your body right, so we offer Nutritional Advice to help you on your way.

Please inquire on 01278 727990 for pricing.


Supplements Price List

Bars Price
Grenade £2.20
Barebells £2.20
USN Protein Delight £2.20
USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic £2.40
Nutramino £2.20
Ready To Drink Price
USN Diet Fuel £2.00
Grenade Carb Killer £2.20
NXT Beef Isolate £2.00
USN Spike £1.00
Lucozade Marked
Water £0.60
USN Amino Spike £1.50
Nocco BCAA £1.50
Small Moose Juice £1.20
Large Moose Juice £2.00


Mass Gainer

Flavours: Choc/Choc Peanut/Raspberry/Vanilla coconut/Mint Choc/Toffee/Lemon pie
Mass Gainer (water) £2.00 N/A
Mass Gainer (milk) £2.30 N/A


Misc Items

Misc Price
Whey Protein £40.00
Mass Gainer £50.00
BCAAs £25.00
Pre-Workout £25.00
Shakers(Plastic) £4.50
Shakers(Steel) £8.00
Jugs £8.00
Wrist Wraps £5.50
Straps £5.50


If you are looking for a specific product please ask at reception and we can get a price and order it for you.